Burlington County Fire Training Academy, New Jersey | Perfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) Remediation

RMS personnel provided remediation services for the investigation of PFAS compounds at the Burlington Fire Academy. The low regulatory limit for PFAS compound concentrations and ubiquitous nature of contamination at the site provided complex site conditions. Although no soil standards currently exist in New Jersey for PFAS compounds, soil samples were collected and analyzed to determine if a soil source are existed. Groundwater samples were collected using the installation of multiple wells, care was taken to follow the correct PFAS sampling quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) protocols. Groundwater samples were filtered to determine if turbidity affected the concentrations.


Results of the soil sampling did not identify any soil source areas, most likely due to the shallow groundwater table (less than 2 feet below ground surface) and the mobile nature of the PFAS compounds. Groundwater sampling results identified PFAS concentrations above regulatory limits throughout the entire site. A well search and door-to-door survey were performed to identify locations of potable wells downgradient of the site.